Food & Beverage

Food processing requires large amounts of water, both for the processing itself, as well as the cleaning of equipment and various other functions. Inevitably, the process also produces large quantities of wastewater, which needs to be dealt with effciently.
The F&B industry differs from other industries in terms of water quality demands and ensuring safety of the product in its finished form.
The dairy, meat and poultry, and the fruit and vegetable processing sectors are the major water intensive sectors within the food industry.
Elgressy’ systems address quality and effcient water use as well as wastewater treatment.

Wastewater treatment – EEC/EEO:

Elgressy designs and manufactures electrocoagulation and
electro-oxidation systems for pre and primary treatments for all types of
food processing wastewater.

Our systems are suitable for the meat, poultry, fish, dairy and the rendering
industries as well as other food and beverage industries.


Cooling Tower treatment – EST:

EST provides a comprehensive and effective solution to the problems
associated with cooling towers, namely scale, corrosion and


Corrosion Prevention – ECP:

ECP is an effective and innovative electrolysis technology developed to protect the inner surfaces of hot and cold-water pipes and tanks against corrosion and scale.


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