Minimizing risk of Legionella Pneumophila – LPB

Elgressy’ patented LPB system maximizes protection against Legionella Pneumophila bacteria in hot and cold water systems.
The LPB system is effective, economical and safe.

About Legionella Pneumophila:

Legionella bacteria are found in every possible water source,
with the best conditions for growth prevailing in hot water

Traditional treatment against Legionella is based on chlorine
dioxide dosing, which is dangerous, expensive and corrosive

Conventional chemical treatment:

Traditional treatment against Legionella, is based chlorine dioxide dosing.
Chemical dosing, however, has its deficiencies:

1. It’s expensive

2. It causes corrosion

3. It’s dangerous – special storage and supervision conditions
are required

4. Maintenance is frequent and continuous

5. Its polluting

LPB – How Does It Work?

The LPB system operates using a reaction tank containing patented titanium and nickel oxide anodes. A direct
electric current is passed through the anodes generating a controlled amount of chlorine dioxide.

The Cl02 is continously monitored and injected into the hot and cold water systems’ main supply line to ensure
>0.2ppm in the main return line.

The current automatically adjusts to meet predetermined programmed Cl02 levels, ensuring uninterrupted and
effective treatment.

In addition to the electrochemical disinfection process, the LPB systems precipitate some of the scale present in the water, thereby diminishing the bacteria natural breeding ground. 


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