Pulp & paper

The pulp and paper industry is highly reliant on water for digesting wood chips, washing, bleaching and steam.

It’s estimated that about 85 percent of the water the pulp and paper industry is used for processing, thereby generating large volumes of contaminated wastewater. 

Elgressy understand that the supply of properly conditioned water has a crucial influence on productivity and process quality and offer customized solutions for the following water treatment applications:

Wastewater treatment – EEC/EEO:

Elgressy designs and manufactures electrocoagulation and
electro-oxidation systems for pre and primary treatments for various types of
pulp and paper wastewater.


Cooling Tower treatment – EST:

EST provides a comprehensive and effective solution to the problems
associated with cooling towers, namely scale, corrosion and


Corrosion Prevention – ECP:

ECP is an effective and innovative electrolysis technology developed to protect the inner surfaces of hot and cold-water pipes and tanks against corrosion and scale.


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